Yes, indeed! Thanks, Mom and Dad! That’s a wonderful present.

We moved out of our temp housing yesterday. Jess and the kids went with her parents to NC and I stayed here to work tonight (and if the plane doesn’t fly today because of weather, maybe tomorrow as well) then drive up to NC to join them.

We’re closing on the house at 11:00 AM on Monday! Praise God! It feels wonderful to have that to look forward to. Jess, Odie and I will probably get back in town Sunday and stay in a hotel so we can be relaxed getting there and have some time to get our few things that are at a friend’s house moved into the new house before I have to go in to work. Jess’s mom will drop Sadie off on her way back to Florida later on Monday. Some small group friends from Melbourne will be loading all of our stuff and driving the truck up here for us later next week.

I’m on a library computer and it looks like it’s going to kick me off in two minutes so I should go back to my gardening reading while I wait to go in to work. Looking forward to seeing you all (most of you) in a few weeks!

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