Hi, all! Just said goodbye to Luke and Liesl. We had a wonderful visit and are so grateful for the time they took from their crazy schedules. Sadie will miss her Aunt Liesl.

I don’t know how you’ve survived these night working hours so long, Lizz. It’s exhausting. Tonight I’m supposed to work from 3:00 PM to 4:00 AM Saturday morning. First flight is supposed to happen Sunday or Monday so we’re providing 24 hour coverage basically until that happens.

It looks like we will be seeing the Beisners this Sunday as they are in town visiting Independent Pres in downtown Savannah. That should be nice.

Still no word for sure on the loan, Mom, but there are rumblings that look promising. We’re getting awfully eager. We were out at the house with Luke and Liesl this week and each time we’re there we’re more and more eager for it to be home. Odie fell in the pool but recovered pretty quickly once we fished him out. Even if the loan falls through we will probably wind up renting in that community.

Well, I better help Jess get cleaned up and find out what our plans are for the day. Hopefully there’s room in them for a cat nap…

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