Luke and Liesl, it’s MIGHTY strange around here without you! I miss you. Hope you and Kevin and Jessica and Sadie and Odie are having a wonderful time together.

How about some photos from GA! I want to see you guys holding my little southern grandkids! –Since that is what I wish I was doing. 🙂

Today I go in to CCS with just E&E and have that tiny class without you two. Kimmy’s last class, and Ingrid’s last before India. It will be a small group in there for a while.

My little twins are reading short a sentences and spelling short a words on demand. They love to spell out loud and to write on the white board. Maybe tomorrow I’ll double their reading world by introducing short i! 🙂

Jesse I liked seeing the Alcuin fellowship photo thanks for putting that up. Your class sounded so incredibly inviting a wonderufl idea…made me want to move to wherever you are when E&E are in high school so they can sit under your teaching. I guess the class ended up a bit different than you foresaw. 🙂

Katie thanks for your post. I am SO excited about coming out there! I am thinking of you every day and wondering if today will be THE day. Praying.

Any word on the loan, Kevin and Jess? It will be so nice to think of you as settled into your very own place.

Peck and Radman, put down your spatula and your hammer and get on here for a moment now and then! Also wondering what the word is on wedding photos….We miss you! Glad we will see you Thanksgiving!

Isaac gets home late tomorrow night! He has a week for Thanksgiving break. SO NICE!

Got to fly! mom

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