Jesse and Elizabeth, lots of wonderful sounding news from you guys!! Sweet! πŸ™‚

L and L, we were praying for your trip south– glad you’re there safe and enjoying a wonderful time with the Southerly Hakes!!

Mom and Isaac, wow wow wow! Now I can see why that website has eaten up the many, many nights that it has! It looks fantastic– content and form! Isaac, I was so impressed with the website, and Talia was looking over my shoulder as I looked at it. I explained you had made it, and she said earnestly, “That’s amazing. I don’t think I know any other people that could make a website. Maybe just one that could sort of do one. But not like that.” Pretty much how I felt. πŸ™‚

Mom, your invite for the Nutcracker looked so nice! Wish Talia and I could join you.

Life has been full in many ways here. Joel has been faithfully slaving away, day and night. He spent all day Saturday, and all last evening until 10pm installing the shelves he made (in exchange for van). They look fantastic! Very crisp, clean, and professional. It was also the first time I saw the firplace unit and mantle that he had built and put into their living room. Between that and the shelves, it completely fills the one end of their livingroom, and it all looks so nice! Some day it would be fun to maybe have him do a similar project in our own home. πŸ™‚ For now, we are glad that he has been able to get so far on this project before the baby comes. There is still a bit of trim work that needs to be done in their living room, and then cabinet doors to make, so its not quite finished, but the vast bulk is done and looking good.

We are less than a week from the due date now, and all daily anticipating our new little addition!! Joel has two and a half more days at school before Thanksgiving break: YAY! Talia and Micah continue to develope and grow so much– each day it feels like! They have a very fun friendship with each other that is wonderful to see. One quote from Micah: Yesterday he was playing ball wildly, and fell with a thud. He looked up, and said with gritted teeth, “Mom, do football players say ‘ow’ when they fall down?” When I said I thought they did, he let out a moan: “ow!”

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