Nice website, Isaac and Mom. Isaac, maybe you can finagle using all that work as credit toward a class? 🙂

Glad you two made it to GA, Luke and Liesl. What a nice visit! Come here next, maybe on your way to Philly, and we promise not to ask you to carry any moving boxes or roofing supplies. 😉

Nessa is playing Nurse Nancy, but with a baby, and having me be “Grandma.” Tobin is bringing me dolls, taking off their clothes, and saying, “poo poo.”

Last week and the past two weekends have been mostly magical here. A peek at the Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: How Nessa Makes Great Strides in School and Diplomacy
Chapter 2: In Which Jesse Goes Away and Returns Again, Bringing Hope for the Future (or, How Elizabeth Loses her Prejudice Against the South)
Chapter 3: In Which the Jesse Hake Family Gets to Be Together A Lot, Restoring Joy and Happiness
Chapter 4: November is Unusually Warm and Sunny, Restoring High Spirits
Chapter 5: God Moves in Mysterious Ways, Indeed, To Bring His Good Will to Fruition
Chapter 6: Tobias Gains Status as The Cutest Baby Boy in the Universe

Jesse and I are enjoying our own peek into what we hope next year will be like for us – no more Milton Hershey School on weekends. We’re off all this month, then work the first weekend in December, then not again until later in January! Luxury, luxury! Almost another fairy tale experience. It has me humming…and planning an actual date with Jesse this coming weekend!

Now to cram lunch into Nessa and whisk her off to CCA…

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