Strange and Wonderful Day

Strange -1 Sending Luke and Liesl off in the car, all by themselves to drive from here to Georgia!They are so mature, so good, so wise, so capable. I so trust them with everything, but I felt like I was sending mature, capable, good, wise babies off on a quest! They seemed so young I felt horrible.

Wonderful 1– They arrived! Got lost in Georgia for almost two hours at the end of the long ten hour drive and were pretty stressed with that, but but they are now happily there and Sadie is in the background pulling used clothes out of the bag I send down with them examining a pretty dress and saying,. “Oh Pajamas for Odie” so all is well! They will have a wonderful time and I trust be a blessing there too.

Strange 2 – For the past several years Isaac and I spent many a long night working away at our computers in the basement when the rest of the household was snoring away. Me here and Isaac a few feet behind me quietly pecking away at the computer. Well tonight I helped him set up a control-the-computer-from-a-distance kind of connection because the New Hope web site was ready to go up and he could not access the server from Grove City with all the firewalls etc. so he had to put it up working on a computer here. So I have been sitting here at my desk all alone in the night and behind me the computer on Isaac’s desk has the mouse flying all around and it is clicking and making computer belches and groans and clinks and chimes and it looks and sounds and feels as if Isaac is right there behind me as he used to be- and in a way- he is! BUT THE CHAIR IS EMPTY – a bit like Dr. Seuss’ empty green pants!

Wonderful 2– It is up! AHHH! After several all nighters on my part and on Bump’s and much horrible sacrifice on his behalf of desperately needed study time – there is finally a web site visible to the world. It is far from all the way done. We ended up dividing the launching into phases and this is Phase I- maybe a third of the content or half of it…. but it needed to get up and become owned by the congregation. They need to see it, critique it, add to it, change it, and make it theirs. SO this is like a model version of it for them to knock around. I hope and pray it becomes a useful helpful tool. At some point I hope it even becomes an effect tool for spreading the gospel…. Anyway Isaac did a beautiful job! Classically Bump- neat, pleasant to look at , inviting, easy to navigate, uncluttered (it was an ongoing battle to keep me from forcing clutter on there. 🙂 ) and just very well done. The content should improve and solidify with time.

Have a peak at Isaac’s handy work!

OK Anatomy students waiting for answers to their questions… better do that before I fall asleep at the key board.

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