Mom and Isaac, please post a link to the church web site when it is up. I’m excited to see all that you have done. May God use it to bless his church in Frederick! Dad, congratulations on completing the design of that AP composition curriculum. May it bless many students and teachers. I’d love to see it too. The subjects of composition, speech and rhetoric are rolling perpetually around in my head these days like a pile of cold spaghetti noddles. Who knows what I’m dishing up to all my students at any given moment.

A painful round of soar throats is our latest night time nemesis. Tobin is probably the worst right now and the rest of us are pretty much past it. Elizabet stayed home with Tobin today because he was really a mess last night. I had a nice Sunday school class and Nessa drew some great pictures from the sermon of Jeremiah being beaten up and thrown into a pit by the soldiers of King Zedekiah. Zedekiah did not recognize his Gethsemane. At night in the courtyard the renegade vassal and would-be saviour pleaded in private for God’s council, but the king would not take the cross that was offered him. Only the prophet, oppressed by God’s people and succored by an Ethiopian, recognized that salvation from Babylon led through submission and exile. It would be interesting to study David’s brief exile (and willing service, even submission) among the Philistines early in his career as preparatory to his eventual defeat of them and securing of the peace that made possible the building of the temple under his son. Anyway, we enjoyed talking about the sermon at home a little after looking at Nessa’s pictures.

We all got to enjoy one nice walk together in this warm November day before Elizabeth left for work.

I just uploaded six recent pictures by Nessa.

From Drawings (Public)

Love to all!

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