Wade and Jo and Tessia (and yellow dog!) came again last night on their way back up to New York. It was fun! I had just finished brushing and flossing E & E and heard them arrive, so let E & E descend for another couple hours of wild fun with Tessia and yellow dog.

They did learn to “read” yesterday (“Dad has a sad yak.” etc.!), but, as Dave Bedwell used to say, “It ain’t all glory!” Still, a milestone. Good for you, Faye! She made them a little “book” they are so proud of. You da woman, Faye!

Showed my AP English course to the director of PHC’s new “Academy” and he said, “Fabulous.” So that was encouraging. I go before the “home school Mom’s review board” this Wednesday. Pray. It is very important to us in its own way. Mike Farris, Graham Walker, and Ed Veith will be reviewing my syllabus this week, so pray for that too. Thanks.

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