Enjoyed all your posts so much! It was great to hear quotes from Elaina and Elsie. And it’s so nice to think of Elizabeth having those idealistic days off (unfortunately ending in sickness and speeding ticket. Sorry, Elizabeth!), and Jesse and Elizabeth having free weekends together for a while! I think you should get a husky puppy. 🙂 Jesse, your class discussions with the Mosque leader sounded amazing. What a cool class! Kevin and Jessica, I hope that Sadie and Odie get all the way healthy again quickly, and we’ll be praying about the house! Glad that second shift is working out well, and that you have a few days off to catch up on sleep and family time. Mom and Luke and Liesl, your anatomy class and the DCL class sound so great. Good job, all of you! Kevin and Becky, and Isaac, we are thinking of you guys too!

I need to get started into the day here. So far the kids have had some baked oatmeal for breakfast–yum! And now they discovered a catalog in my pile of unsorted mail. They are crooning over pictures that include Christmas things and puppies. Talia keeps instructing Micah “that man is called Santa Claus, but he isn’t really in the world.” Micah’s nightmares have subsided, and he is a pretty sound and cheerful sleeper again. Thank the Lord. Thanks for praying for him.

Hazlenut is 38 1/2 weeks now!

Love you all.

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