I got a speeding ticket on my way to get Jesse yesterday. In a “work zone,” so the fine was doubled. It was a motorcycle policeman, less visible. When I was 22 I got my only other ticket (and that was on my way to a suicide call). Those are the only times I’ve ever been pulled over. Where is my “warning?” The Fates are against me. I indulged in a highly sacriligeous daydream after yesterday’s ticket. In my daydream, I went on an odyssey, searching the world for each of The Fates, and murdering them in gruesome hand-to-hand combat. I must put “anger management class” down on my Christmas list for Santa. 😉 (For the record, I was not angry at the policeman, because I was speeding.)

Anyway, I just saw some ads for the most darling-looking Siberian Husky puppies, at “reduced rates.” Speeding ticket. Husky puppy. Speeding ticket. Husky puppy. sigh (the.most.dar.ling.pupp.ies)

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