Elizabeth and the kids came down to Virginia to pick me up today and got to meet some of the fellows. It’s nice to be back with my family. But Elizabeth is sick again, just coming down with it today. We were hoping to have a little time together this afternoon, but that didn’t work. Thankfully, the next couple weekends are free (right up through Thanksgiving)!

It was so fun to eat dinner with Dad in that formal collegiate context. Vigen Guroian was the Eastern Orthodox theologian with whom Dad shared the end of the table. The gentleman from Mississippi was one of the two guys in charge of the Alcuin Fellowship, and the gentleman from Texas oversees the largest classical Christian school in the nation (close to 900 students). His school had huge custom-made round tables installed in all of their upper school classrooms (at $5000 per table).

Monday, from breakfast to dinner, was spent in intense, non-stop discussion with three distinguished scholars from different Christan backgrounds (Lutheran, Calvinist and Eastern Orthodox). Along with these three professors were three high school teachers: myself and two guys from Geneva (a 500 plus classical Christian school in Orlando, Florida with an incredible teaching staff). I felt like a starry-eyed school boy the whole time. After dinner we all got to drink, smoke, and chat out on a back patio. (Elizabeth got me spring water from Iceland to go with the scotch that I brought.) We were up to 1 a.m. last night debating the best way to teach Bible and theology to students in a classical high school. I don’t expect too many opportunities to spend hours hammering away on that topic with a small group that includes a New Testament scholar from Wheaton.

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