Kevin, it was nice to get an up-beat update from you. Thank God that things seem to be turning the corner. I’ll pray that you are able to consistently fall asleep as soon as you get home and sleep soundly for several hours, before waking up and spending some sweet time each day with Jessica and the kids. I’ll also be praying for your decision about the church you attended, and that God will bless you all with rich fellowship. And that Jessica finds friends quickly.

Ha ha ha. 🙂 Talia is so funny! Was she saying that on purpose to be funny, or just trying that word out?

Jesse’s at that Alcuin Fellowship thing, so I’m home. I took last night and tonight off from work so he could go, and it’s been so nice to be home and pretend I’m a stay-at-home-Mom all the time. The weather has been so warm and beautiful the past couple days, like a dream, so we got to play outside a good bit. Today we rolled down a big, steep hill several times. Nessa had a blast; I don’t think she’d ever rolled down a hill like that before. Tobin did his own funny version. We also watched Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. I’d never seen it before, or at least don’t remember it. Jesse found it was a watch-it-now movie on Netflix, and he put it on for the kids a couple weeks ago or so. Nessa has been on a bit of a Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang kick ever since! Even Tobin sits through the entire thing!!!! And I’m a sucker for musicals. The only musical I ever saw that I did not like, was The Music Man. But I’m willing to give it another go. Maybe I was at the wrong age for it when I watched it? Anyway, this magical, musical fairy tale is going to end at midnight tomorrow (err…at 11:00pm…but close enough), so I better go get some beauty sleep to help the tale keep going smoothly until then.

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