Hi, all! Thanks for adding the updates on Nessa’s artwork, Jesse!

I’m switching to second shift starting today. It will take some getting used to for me. I’ll work from 3 PM to 1:30 AM. If I can train myself to sleep in late enough in the mornings, I think it will actually mean we’ll have more time together as a family. It will make joining a small group etc. a little more difficult. They said that I would probably only be on that shift a couple months before they start up a weekend shift (12 hours Friday Saturday and Sunday and then a short day Monday). I would like that a lot.

Yesterday we went to Savannah Christian in the morning. It’s a big non-denominational church but the preaching seemed sound and they had a great kids program that Sadie and Odie both enjoyed. We’ll probably try a couple small groups there and if we find one where we can connect we’ll just stay there. They list a bunch of small groups in Pooler which is where we’ll be settling hopefully. They also have a MOPS program and Jess was thinking that might be a good way for her to start meeting some ladies with kids in that age range. A couple weekends from now the Beisners will be in town visiting Independent Pres so we may join them there that weekend if we’re in town.

Jess’s parents and her grandma arrived yesterday afternoon for a couple day’s visit. We met them at the Pooler house and were able to show them around inside there and hung out at the pool a while. Jessica was encouraged by how much fun Sadie and Odie had in the pool. Even though the water is quite chilly they both enjoyed the zero entry section a lot. If any of you ever put in a pool, keep in mind that having part of it sloping in gradually makes for a lot of fun and keeps it small child friendly. We’re so eager to be able to move in. We should find out this week if we’re going to get the loan or not. Afterward we walked around downtown Savannah for a while and had a gelato before heading out for a dinner and then home to bed.

Tomorrow morning we’ll all go out to watch Sadie at her first gymnastics class at the YMCA. Jess signed her up for a couple weeks just to have something for her to look forward to. The description of the toddler’s class sounded like something Sadie would get a big kick out of.

Well, I should probably start breakfast. It seems very odd to be sitting here at 7:30 in the morning on a work day. Looking forward to next weekend’s visit with Luke and Liesl!!

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