Hi, Katie! Welcome back!

Hi, Faye! I came in early today. But I’ll be home tonight on time. I love you!

Tell Talia to fix up a “frustrating spot” for Grampa Gandalf next time he visits!

And, Jesse, your arraignment on the bubble gum charge is not looking hopeful! There is a place in Frederick that helps with bail money …. 🙂 !!! (Tobin, never divulge your source of information!!!)

Wade and Jo come tonight. Fun!

Isaac, I’ve heard of facebook, but not “feets”book! Cripes! Get those into a doctor. I’m serious. Call the number on your insurance card and tell them where you are and ask who’s in the plan nearby. But go to anybody. Really!

Faye and I relaxed last night. It was very nice, but we ended up watching a demographic documentary I borrowed from a fellow professor. Interesting, but kinda heavy!

Jesse, I did say yes to Chris Perrin re Monday night dinner, so (hopefully) I’ll see you there!

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