That story about Jess taking the kids to McD’s and the fries and the guy MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! I’m so sorry, Jessica!!!! I could just picture it all so vividly from Kevin’s account, and it’s just not too far from where I feel like I’m typically at, or always on the verge of being at. Hopefully you find the humor in it? If not, then hopefully you will soon. 🙂 Anyway, Nessa and Tobin both have something, we don’t know what. They both have red eyes and hives and runny/stuffy noses and sore throat. Probably trying out Jess’s experience for myself, but with higher stakes, wouldn’t work. Do you think anyone would buy a Wii or new digital camera for me if I stood in line at WalMart with those items, with my poor, pathetic children???

Nessa told her teacher the other day, “I help with Tobin a lot. I watch him when Mommy and Daddy aren’t there.” And, “Daddy gives Tobin bubble gum and lots of candy. But Mommy doesn’t like it.” Was Nessa telling tall tales? Exhibit A: Tobin points at a drawer and says, “Bubble! Bubble!” Yes, it is the drawer with the bubble gum. Hmmm. Does Mommy like this? No, she doesn’t. Will Jesse continue giving gum to his 1 1/2 year old son? Probably.

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