Talia and Micah are currently jumping on the couch. And Joel and I just overheard this: Talia: “Micah, I can make a little spot we can go if we get frustrated or anything.” She arranged some pillows on the floor, and then explained to Micah, “This is my frustrating spot. Now I’ll make a little frustrating spot for you.”

As a temporary measure, Becky is letting me use her log-in, so I can post. Seems to be working. đŸ™‚ I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts! Hope that things in Savannah are going much better now, and that you’re all in good health again–Micah still requests every day that we pray for Sadie’s owwie to get better. Jesse, I’m sorry that your whole work, combined with the Potter’s School is so much! I’m glad you found a way to hopefully make it work a little better. Dad, that is really nice that your student has been praying for us! Love to all of you!


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