So sorry that Katie keeps getting blocked. Joel’s right, of course, about your students Mom. By all means, scrub mold and add frills (or was it ruffles?). I broke down and hired a backup grader for my Potter’s School class. It’s my boss and she’s been great about it. She’ll only grade what I need and that will allow me to get my act together and grade as many as I can handle.

Kevin, your story of Jess and the fries was so fun. We’re praying for all of you in Savanna.

We’ve been on an acting out Bible stories kick in family devotions lately. It generates great questions about the story. Nessa asked the other night if Mary cried for a long time when she found out that Joseph wanted to “throw her away quietly.” Nessa’s imaginary play scenarios get more and more fun every day. Ever since the Radman wedding, she’s been playing at getting married. She combines this with many elaborate notions of what all is involved when it comes to falling in love. Watching the King and I as well as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang recently have provided most of the names and snippets of plot. But she improvises more and more in all areas. I wish I was keeping up with scanning pictures. She’s done some fun cutting and pasting projects as well as drawings with pastels lately.

This morning I was at Christ the Savior Orthodox Church with my seniors and fellow teacher. The priest who hosted us, Fr. Stephen, is my age with three young children (none of them school age yet). He was freshly home from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and showed us his pictures after lecturing to us and answering questions for a while in the sanctuary. He recently hosted a three hour lecture by another Orthodox priest, Fr. Daniel, who converted to Christ after being raised as a devout Muslim in Indonesia. While praying fervently to Allah that he would not never become a Christian, Fr. Daniel had a vision of Christ calling to him by name and telling him to read a Bible that had been given to him. Fr. Daniel joined the Orthodox church while attending seminary in Korea. His lecture combined teaching about Islam with an apology for Orthodoxy. I can’t remember if I wrote about that or not. Fr. Daniel continues to live and work in Indonesia and recently adopted the two year old daughter of a close associate who was killed (along with his wife) by Muslim radicals.

Elizabeth had to call 911 the other night at work for a coworker who suddenly went all limp and groggy. The person turned out to be okay after a while in the hospital. It was evidently prescription drug related, but Elizabeth had a long hard night of it as a result.

As Nessa was kissing me goodnight, she said (with a dreamy smile) that tomorrow she will be “leading the pledge of allegiance and giving a presentation about taking care of Spottita” (her leopard gecko); so she needed a “long, good sleep.”

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