Mom, it’s your job to give kids every opportunity to excel, and to alert parents when there are issues, and to give creative council and suggestions, but it is NOT your job to make kids succeed. If you’ve talked to the families once, you’ve done your job. Unless they come to you seeking help or guidance, it’s all up to them. I’m sure you are giving those kids an overabundance of opportunity to learn and grow. I wish I could audit your classes!

Katie has been frustrated with trying to post: she really wants to be involved on here, but when she tries to post, nothing shows up on the blog.
Things are going well here. Long on tasks and short on sleep, but none of you need to be told what that’s like! 3 Weeks ’till the due date! Katie’s at the “always uncomfortable and shifting positions to try to find something that works” stage. Talia loves her gymnastics class. Micah really wishes he could be out there tumbling and jumping too. He never does anything but tumble and jump at home. Mysterious bruises in odd places! We’re also thrilled that mom is coming out here. Wish we could be around for Thanksgiving.
I’m still plugging away at the bookshelf project that is our payment for the van. It’s going ok, but it takes forever when I can only work on it a couple hours at a time, once or twice a week, and I have to re-arrange my parents’ garage each time, then put it all back when I’m done. It’ll be a big relief to have it done. We’re very thankful for the van, though. I finally had time to change the oil last night (about 3,000 miles overdue). When I was done, my mom told me of a place that will do it for 13$. I paid 16 for the materials!
Praying you all are well.

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