So it’s getting to be the middle of the night and I am not ready for anatomy class in the morning. What am I doing wrong? Probably lots of things.

What do I do with two students who are failing the course? I have twenty kids in the class. 16 of them are getting solid A’s. Seven or eight of those 16 get 100% on almost every test and every quiz. Two kids get B’s or C’s most of the time, and then there are two that fail almost everything. I called their moms once already and suggested ways they could help them study. I have let them know that their kids are not really learning. I’ve tried to be very respectful of the kids and very kind and friendly and not make them feel like I dislike them or think less of them than their fellow students because of their performance. I’ve made suggestions to them. So, is it my job to keep pursuing them and trying to help them do better? Or may I scrub some of the mold off the pieces of laundry mountain growing in my laundry room and add one or two of the frills of kindergarten I have been denying E&E?

I have had a face book account for 24 hours. I haven’t done anything with it or said anything except happy birthday to my mama on it. But I think I see enough of what it is like to know that it is not for me. Email is so efficient and so much less overwhelming and pleasantly private. I can’t IMAGINE having time to interact on Face book! It’s an interesting development though and I’m glad I peeked at what it is. It frightens me – I can imagine whole new levels of guilt from not befriending everyone under the sun or from not answering myriads of struggling moms questions….. I think if I saw a “delete my account” button I would probably push it before I go to bed.

OK back to work – or should I just go to bed and let class be whatever it will be without my getting any better prepared for it? I’m tired.

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