Hey, Katie, going down on your knees before the landlord or lady is painful only for a moment and worked wonderfully! I can still vividly remember the look on her face! Ya do what ya gotta do, eh?

And Kevin and Jessica, your story tops all! “Thanks, fella, but I think my husband the rocket scientist is good for these fries.” And she didn’t even have to go down on her knees! Kate, on second thought, you might try to renegociate after a prolonged family illness. Remember the Gibeonites!

Yesterday went well. Thanks for your prayers. I’m not done, but I made some real progress. Respite today, then Monday and Tuesday ….

God delights to get His people into “Red Sea” situations. Let us all continue to hope in Him! Write down some of your desperate circumstances, date the entry as your “stake in the ground,” pray, and see what God does. Get out your written statement one, three months later and reread it. I could show you a fistful of whallapaloozers from our past. God is very faithful. We can’t trust Him too much.

I just set all our clocks back and am enjoying my extra, early morning hour. Computers are so cool–so much smarter than us!

And, for all the very serious problems with our culture, stuff like “Craig’s List” is so cool! What a way to run a culture! If only we could manage our relationships, and all the stuff that really matters, like that! (I don’t mean sell them on the internet–that didn’t come out right!)

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