Hi, all! We really enjoyed reading stories and seeing pictures on the blog and facebook. Thanks for taking the time to post so many wedding and honeymoon pics, Peck!

Jess and I overall are doing a bit better. Sadie had been doing better for a few days but took a turn for the worse last night and was throwing up and feverish most of the night. Today she’s been able to keep down small amounts of liquids and is napping now. Hopefully this second wind is the end of it.

We walked down to the YMCA and got ourselves memberships there. It’s only two blocks away and they have great playgrounds, a heated pool and free child care while Jess works out. Jess feels like having that within pleasant walking distance will help her to keep her sanity these next few weeks while she’s trying to survive without a car and with two restless babies. We also drove to the library and were able to finagle a library card with our one-month lease. That’s too far to walk to but will at least provide Jess with some new kids books and perhaps some alternatives to the Disney channel and PBS to keep Sadie happy while she’s confined to the couch most of the next few days. Never thought I’d get to know what the schedule of kids shows are on the Disney channel. Happy that we’ll be leaving the TV behind when we move into our own house!

Today is really the first day it’s been warm enough to try swimming in the pool here at the complex, although we’ve been down to dabble a few times already. We figure when Sadie’s up we’ll take her down and set her up with some juice and crayons on the table in the shade while we play with Orlando in the water. Maybe tomorrow we’ll actually get out and see a bit of downtown Savannah finally!

One more quick funny story. On Thursday Jess was still feeling pretty terrible and Sadie is looking even skinnier and more peaked than usual. Both of the kids were covered in mosquito bites from an attempt to play at the little playground here in the complex the day before. But Jess was desperate to get out of the apartment for a while regardless of the cost so she carried the kids and the stroller down the three flights of steps and loaded them up for a walk down the McDonalds (about 3/4 mile walk). We only brought our single stroller this time and it’s pretty ragged looking. When Sadie got tired of walking she sometimes rides in the basket underneath the seat. Jess walked into the McDonalds like that and they played on the playground thing there for a few minutes. When she went up to the counter to get a small fries and some ketchup the guy behind the counter looked them over and said “Here, lady, I got this one.” and gave her the fries. My poor bag lady wife. None of them even felt well enough to eat them so I had cold McD’s french fries after I got home on Thursday…

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