Hi from chilly Philly, everyone :). We are still here and doing well. Right now as I write this, Kevin is playing on a piano he got me as an early Christmas gift!!!!!! That is a story…he tried to keep it a secret, and I even went along unsuspectingly in the car with him when he went to look at yet another Craiglist “item”, and sat in the car as he went inside. Anyway, it’s hard to keep a thing like that a surprise, and when his parents were here his dad and some neighbors helped move it into our living room through the window! πŸ˜€ (they had to take the window out). It is a nice piano however, and I’ve played it a little but we only have a hymnbook here as I must have left some of my music at home in WV.

Glad to hear much good news, that those in WV enjoyed a nice fall break with Otto, Tobin is feeling better, and the hopeful responses to those at Jonah House, and little Patrick’s progress. Praying for Jess & Sadie and that Kevin & Orlando don’t catch it. That’s disheartening to get so sick the first day in your new surroundings! πŸ™ But it’s nice to think of you guys closer to all of us and in this new apartment, and hope this first week at your new job is going well, Kevin!
We enjoyed a visit with Kevin’s brother, Eric & his wife Laura and little Abigail this past weekend. Eric had some helpful house advice for Kevin, and I enjoyed having Laura’s company. She is due the Nov. 24 with their 2nd little girl, but is scheduled to have a c-section on the 17th.
Mom, I’ve been in touch with Becca Haggerty (sp?), and have talked and texted a couple times :). Due to various company and conflicts we have yet to get together, but she is very nice on the phone and wants to meet “faye’s daughter” and her husband :). It’s neat mom has maintained contact and relationships with friends from Elmira, and neat to picture her and these other women as young christians there so many years ago.
Kevin & I have been going 2 sundays so far to Calvary OPC, just across from Westminster. The pastor is Mark Sallade, and we both really appreciated his sermons and preaching, which are excellent. He actually went to Grove City – for molecular biology! – but then went on to Westminster. He’s married to a girl he met at Grove City, and they have a little 1 yr old, Anna Kate. We went to a prayer meeting at their house last night, and met 2 other couples. It’s been interesting and there are some good people…but we are still are not sure yet what to think.
Oh! Serious question. Is anyone interested in inheriting a cell phone? Kevin & I recently switched to a family plan with Verizon, and so I need to cancel my US Cellular plan, or pass it on to someone. I was mostly thinking of any of the “WV Hakes” since technically you have to be in a certain area. It is a pretty good plan, as far as I can tell — 450 anytime minutes per month at $52, and you get FREE incoming calls so anytime my phone rings it’s free. So, I was able to go way “over” because Kevin would always call me from Iraq and it was free, or Katie calls me which doesn’t cost her much and it’s didn’t count toward my minutes. Anyway. I don’t know if Isaac, Luke or Liesl are interested, or mom or dad? I suppose if you don’t talk a lot it’s probably not worth it, but I don’t know how much you guys pay for Trac Phones & minutes. If anyone’s interested let me know. Currently I still have that phone and number (304-582-1032) – but my new number is 215-837-8272. Kevin’s is still the same (910-650-7687).
This is rather long in coming, but if anyone is interested I put pictures up on Facebook from our wedding and honeymoon.
Here’s the links. They’re public links so you can look at them without having to be a Facebook member :).

These wedding pics are ones Adam very kindly took on Luke’s camera. There were over 1000 I think! I put a lot online but not all, it takes a long time to upload! Here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=154707&id=680952784&l=a8cc0cf1eb

And our honeymoon, mainly from Hawaii πŸ™‚

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