Just a quick testimony as to the goodness of God! Two things wonderful.

For those of you that have been praying for the sibling groups at the Jonah House orphanage to find families, God has blessed my and Christy’s very minimal efforts marvelously with seven or eight families responding with interest in finding out more for possible adoption! God is so good. It looked so impossible! Please keep praying for them it’s not done yet but now it is encouraging.

Second. just little Patrick. Last week after church Rich had him recite his ABC s for me- well it was actually repeating them one by one after Rich, not reciting, but it was incredible!. I wept through it! He is now walking around their house with his walker and CAN walk holding their hand, although he does not like to do it usually, and has to be cajoled into it. He is also getting more verbal.

Christy got him contacts. They seemed to work well, He seemed to see well with them, but when she went to get them out she couldn’t. It was pretty traumatic. She tried for hours. Rich finally managed to get them out- but now they are thinking they will not use them yet. His eyes are set deeply in.

But it is just really cool to see God slowly bringing him around. He will be five in December. The McClellans are such a godly kind loving family. Patrick is SO blessed. They are very diligent in doing all they can for him and at the same time very trusting in God and low key with all it entails.

Christy sent me this very encouraging blurb in an email today.

Oh, by the way, Patrick pulled himself from sitting to standing at the sofa by bracing himself on Maureen’s legs this past weekend and then manuevered himself up to sit beside her and announced, “read!” What a gracious God we have.

Ok. I need to get back to anatomy class preparation for tomorrow morning and take care of things on the home front. Like- hummm what’s going to be for dinner..

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