Another nice weekend here at MHS.

As Jesse occasionally reads tidbits from student papers, I realize that I could never teach a writing course to home-schooled Christian highschool kids. I have passed through that weird time warp and really feel the gap between my highschool self’s outlook on life, and my 33 year old’s outlook. The students’ naive, yet presumably sincere, views on God, the world, and themselves is always met with incredulity on my part and I can barely believe they are for real. Though I can’t feel it, or identify with it, I do have memory left of how simple, innocent, and sincere I was at their age, too. And so I understand it is just their youth and lack of experience talking, but I still want to look at them as if they have two heads, they are so strange and alien to me.

Yes, Katie, as you can see, I am just a sad product of my environment, which is filled with corgi-hating scoffers! LOL I can’t even believe TWO family members would stomp on a featured part of my ray of hope. 🙂 Of course, hating something is the surest way to get me to like it more. Now I am dreaming even more of having corgis some day. And bringing them to every family reunion. And sticking dog biscuits in Kevin’s and Dad’s beds for the corgis to sniff out, find, and encourage to make many and frequent visits to said beds. Whereas, before the scoffing, corgis were just floating around with half a dozen other breeds as a possibility for our future dog(s).

Meanwhile, Jesse was trying to persuade me that a hissing cockroach would be the perfect pet for us right now. He actually said, “They’re very affectionate! They could even sleep in bed with you!” Ummm…does that make anybody want to run out and buy one? Hmmm…I’d much rather go sell a kidney instead, and buy a Ragdoll kitten.

sigh. Which brings me back to the dogs. Buying a dog someday will be bittersweet. I will have fun buying a dog, but part of me will wish it was a Ragdoll cat we were springing for, instead. I think that there is an alternate universe out there, and in it exists the version of me that never married, lives alone in a little apartment in Boston, actually knits fervently in the abundant spare time that my alternate self has as a spinster, and is currently curled up knitting a green blanket, by the light of a nearby table lamp. There is a lilac-point Ragdoll cat sharing my lap with the yarn. And I work as a librarian. The spinster, librarian version of me is not cynical and does not get dark comedy AT ALL. She watches The Sound of Music and The Swiss Family Robinson on a regular basis, and The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland every Halloween. Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that she yearns slightly for romantic love, and then she watches Gone With the Wind, cries, and makes her cat (named Lily Bart, after her ALL-TIME FAVORITE heroine, but called ‘Miss Lilly’.) swear not to tell a soul about it! sigh. I really like my alternate self, don’t you? But, of course, ONLY because she’s in ANOTHER universe. Except I do wish that I was a librarian. And had a lilac-point Ragdoll cat named Miss Lily Bart. And had time to knit. And all those movies ARE some of MY favorite movies, too. 🙂

Time for bed! (My alternate self would keep strict sleeping hours of 10:00pm to 6:00am.)( day!)

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