I wrote these couple paragraphs the other day (meaning to finish the post soon and never got back to it), so now they are outdated a bit due the wonderful spurt of activity on the blog, but I’ll leave them:

Kevin, I hope your cinnamin bread was good! If you didn’t need to be stripped and placed straight into the tub afterwards, though, your skills at eating stickiest might not be quite up to Micah’s level. Hope that all the housing stuff gets straightened out quickly, and that you guys can find a pleasant—or at least very bareable—intermediate hang out. It will help knowing you’re just waiting a little while and then will be moving into such a pleasant and spacious home. Also good to hear that little Sadie’s hand is healing up well, and that you’re enjoying the glow of a new job. 🙂

Dad, I’m sorry to hear how much you are still struggling to get caught up! I’ll pray that your list on the fridge can start getting crossed off! It doesn’t help I’m sure to be healing from severe welts all over your face from rubberband wounds. Your date with Mom sounds fun!

Jesse, I enjoyed reading your poem. Was Isaac at the end like a picure of God offering his own son/lamb up for slaughter? Otherwise I’m afraid I got a bit confused at the end. I liked how you incorporate Isaac of the Bible without naming him, and then bring the name in with the Isaac of our day. Its very poetical!

Elizabeth, I like your plans for Christmas! Although two or three years from now sounds more realistic to me than 18 years. Its just so hard for me to picture what things will be like in 18 years. (Nessa will be 23! She might have her own kids by then.) No wonder you have a gruesome mind: when you paint a lovely ray of hope picture of the idyllic family Christmas, and then they run over your corgi–bow and all! 😀

Joel’s mom had surgery this week. She had a very large benign tumor and needed that removed and a hysterectomy. The surgery took three surgeons, working together, five hours to do. They did the whole surgery by robotics, so as to cut her stomach muscles as little as possible (still five one-inch incisions, but at least they didn’t need to do any huge cuts). She is of course very sore, and will need a while to recover, but basically the surgery was a great success in the end.

Yes, my story was definately propoganda! But I have decided I am in favor of this form of propoganda. 🙂 This week I bought a double stroller off ebay. Buying anything online makes me very uncomfortable, and buying the stroller left me jittery and wishing that I hadn’t bought it. But now that I’ve stopped shaking, I am really excited for it to arrive, and hoping to get in some good walks still before this baby comes! Joel has been working away like a… hmmm…. well, like a Hake. 🙂

As I’ve tried to post this, Micah slid down a hill of couch cushions and landed with his face against the corner of the coffee table, and there is an instant purple lump below his eye. We need to leave in 20 minutes, so I better sign off and get ready to go. Love you all! Thanks for your prayers! You all are in our hearts and prayers as well! So glad to think of Isaac at home for a few days! Hurray! I’d give a lot right now to be able to be there this afternoon, by the cozy fire, hearing Isaac’s college stories!

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