Dad, we’ll be praying!

And we’re praying for Mercedes! How is she? Do the doctors think her hand will heal well, or is that a wait-and-see?

I always thought I’d die of cancer, but now I’m pretty sure it will be from heart disease. Being a parent and trying to keep little kids from killing themselves is so stressful. I’ve said this before, but I really should take up drinking. It may save my life. Please pray for me. I am always stressed out.

Mom and Dad, I’m thankful that you two can be so freely happy for Jesse’s opportunity to attend the Alcuin fellowship thing. On one level I am happy for him. But 0% of me thinks that it will lead to anything else. Which is fine, too.

In a couple years…no…okay…I’ll be realistic and say…in 18 years…let’s all go to the VonTrapp Family Lodge in VT for Christmas!!!!! šŸ™‚

Meanwhile, isn’t this a wonderful season? I do like fall. And I like Halloween. And old-timey ghost stories. (Read, not watched. Never, never watched again after “Tale of Two Sisters.”) And oh Jesse and I will so have to have another kid so that we can dress them up as: Sticks (kid 1) and Stones (kid 2) and Broken Bones (kid 3) one year! clapping my hands with anticipated glee!

Have any of you used a Wii, yet? I haven’t, but I still think I want one. šŸ™‚ And I’m so not a video game person.

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