Sunday morning we had cinnamon buns for breakfast.

Talia: “I finished the fastest!”
Micah, not to be outdone: “I finished the stickiest!”
They were both right!
For months now, both kids, but especially Talia, have asked Katie to tell them stories regularly. Katie can hardly eat lunch, take a shower, use the bathroom, or make a meal without a request for a story. A few weeks ago, Talia began to get a little grin at the end of each story, and when it was done, she would say, “That gives me an idea…” and she’d run off to try to re-enact some part of the story. This often led to precarious situations, since Katie’s stories usually don’t cling strictly to safe realism. So Katie started to make her stories more simple, so that there would be something in it that Talia could “get an idea” from, and act out. Then the brainstorm hit…
The next story featured a pleasant little girl chipmunk (or squirrel, or kitten, or something) who loved to surprise her mother by cleaning things up around the house without being asked…
We reaped the benefits of that story for several days!

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