Poor Merche leaned on the hot burner while she was sitting on the counter, waiting for her egg to be plated Thursday morning. She had a rough go of it for a while there but they patched her up at the ER and she’s been pretty game about learning to use her little stump while the blisters pop and skin regrows. It’s pretty horrendous looking.

We finally are getting some fall weather down here! It’s been in the mid-nineties until just this morning. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 69! Yeah! It feels nice.

Sadie just went off with Aunt Anne on a bike ride to the beach where a friend of Annie’s is having a birthday party. Wanno is down for a nap and I’m working on my motorcycle between phone calls about housing while Jess works on other paper work.

We’ve run into some snags with the financing. Probably won’t close by next week. Possible we won’t even get the house at all, although hopefully that won’t be the case. We’re already pretty attached to it. 🙁

Alright, back to work.

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