There’s no negative environmental impact from lawns–they’re better than pavement, plastic, pools, mulch, or building construction materials. It’s just the fertilizer, weed killer, insecticides, gopher poison, and gas/electric used to mow, and the absurd amount of wasted water (here in CA) that cause the impact.

That’s why we need sheep and goats! Fertilize it and keep it short!
Katie and I are having a lot of fun daydreaming about NC. We’re thinking of following the Palm Bay and Philly branches of the family in seeking to become wealthy through rental properties!! Actually, we’re excited about all kinds of things about moving to the Hendersonville area. I’ve been looking at churches in the area. The Reformed Baptist church in town looks like an amazing Biblical community (the site is a bit cheesy): now we just have to make up our minds about baptism! (time’s running out on that one… we’ve got about a month before the decision becomes very practical!). There’s an ARP (associate reformed presbyterian) church… does anyone know anything about them? The denomination website seems somewhat hopeful, but you can’t get everything that way.
TPS class starting in three minutes: gotta go!

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