Thanks for the well wishes over the weekend. We’re back and enjoying two day off from CCA. Both Elizabeth and I are a little under the weather. Of course we hope to accomplish mighty feats (such as picking up, washing the floor and spending some time enjoying a family outing). But thankfully Elizabeth is sleeping after her work last night, the kids and I are getting some work done, and we will be able to get the fundamentals finished this evening during a little time together at home. Nessa asked the other day if snow days mean that we can all be home together. We didn’t get any last year, and I hope that means we get buried a couple times this winter. Global warming really should make teacher salaries go up in northern climes.

Kevin, you guys are moving at a wondrous rate, like “The Marvelous Toy” in that old Peter, Paul and Mary song. We’ll pray that all continues to come together under your arduous ministrations.

Mom, we’ll pray for David and Jolie. Thank you for the update.

Work on the rhetoric text has stalled of late, but I’m not hopeless. Plenty of ideas for it continue to ripen and dangle before my eyes. On a separate front (How many fronts should a general allow to develop?), Chris Perrin has invited me to join a small group of men that he’s calling the Alcuin Fellowship for their inaugural meeting, November 8 to 10. Hotel and food expenses are covered, and I’ve received professional leave from CCA (as well as the loving support of my wife). I only plan to spend one night and drive back late into the following night. Dr. Vieth (of PHC) plans to be there along with professors from Hillsdale and Wheaton and several classical Christian school headmasters. Chris hopes that the group can form a long-term team of about 12 to 15 members who will meet a couple times per year (not required of all fellows), discuss the future of classical Christian education, and produce a collaborative “field guide” for school administrators and teachers. He has asked me to edit/co-author some of the opening chapters with himself (by this coming summer). Please pray for wisdom to know how to prioritize all these things and what to say I can do. I’m asking God to make effective use of my gifts in ways that will lead to better provision for my family.

Happy Columbus Day to all! Despite leading to the abuse of the continents’ natives, I’ve always thought his story a noble and inspiring one (as far as such stories go).

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