Jessica (right? Or was it Kevin?) – I thought your post was cute! It was fun to hear a bit about Sadie. Mom, how exciting that you’ll get to go to CA for the Nut and the P’s!

Now I feel funny. All I had wanted to do was make a post about: “Persons I want to kick in the head.”

We’re at MHS, but having quite a nice weekend here. So far. šŸ™‚

Really, I am just angry with the persons responsible for the mess that is the English language. But they’re already dead. Even if they were alive, I’m too out of shape to get my foot up to their heads, probably. Unless they were sitting or reclining. Or maybe they were quite short. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to kick them with their backs turned, so they’d see it coming and it just wouldn’t work well for me. Well, okay, then there must be a movement already rolling that proposes changing the spellings of words to be spelled like they’re said. If not, then we must start one! Since Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize, maybe he would be content to help champion this worthy cause?! I think he would! After all, it would promote a more peaceful way for foreigners to learn our language. Peace in all sizes, right? šŸ™‚ If we can lose Pluto as a planet, surely we can lose ‘C’ as a letter! Right?! And those snooty “silent letters”!!! (Although I really do like the British “colour” over “color.” sigh)

Oh. All that, and – Tobin has entered the “terrible two’s.” Nessa didn’t hit them until she was three. I’m not thinking that Tobin will end them early, just because he’s beginning them early. I’m just hoping that he comes out of them one day, but I’m not 100% on that, even. I wonder if we got a herding dog, if that would help? The dog could herd Tobin into the corner whenever he’s naughty. Or something. Nip his ankles, without breaking the skin? Tobin calls Nessa, “Sessa.” They are super cute together!

Nessa went to a friend’s house for the afternoon a week ago. The friend gave her a rock when Nessa was leaving, because Nessa was crying and wailing at having to go home. Nessa slept with the rock under her pillow. šŸ™‚ It was so sweet.

I think that every Columbus Day, every Native American should burn down a non-Native American’s home. Columbus Day!?! Oh, well. It’s a day off work. (For some, anyway.) Who cares how or why?

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