To all Sweet Potatoes:


(Liesl pointed out this morning that next year today will be TRIPLE TEN.)

I am so happy and so full of prayers for all of you! God is doing so much in our midst. His blessings on all of us are apparent in so many many ways. It has been so good to have everybody contributing to the blog again despite HUGE things and big overloads for all of us. Praying for grace to handle and balance your loads.

Jesse, I also really enjoy your theology and poetry. Thank you! Are you still finding time to write the rhetoric text? I am moved by your outreach ideas and will be praying. Luke and Liesl are very concerned to find a means of outreach that takes them beyond the Christian community they school with and church with and live with. It is challenging. Their outreach prayer group is starting here tomorrow. May God move and grant them ideas and means.

Kevin and Jess, I spent a short break I took yesterday looking at churches in Savannah. I don’t know why… just got wondering what God might be providing for you …. I actually listened to two sermons from two PCA churches while I worked on other things… Very interesting… Anyway, God’s people are definitely there in Savannah! 🙂 May he put you where your gifts will be used and you will be fed and blessed as a couple and family. It was sad to read of your goodbyes to your fellowship group.

Radmans, keep writing on here~ we are thinking and wondering about you two all the time – and of course JAZZY too. 🙂

News from Bump is all very wonderful but still a constant challenge… Maybe he will have time to post again tomorrow too…??? He said Peter and Debbie Beisner are coming up to Grove City for a few days to look at the school. Isaac has become acquainted with a kid in his dorm who he just found out went to the Beisners church in FL and knows Peter. That’s kind of fun. It would be fun to have a Beisner and a Hake at the same school if that happens….

I am really excited about my DCL (Deliberate Christian in Living ) class. We are reading great books some of which I have not read and others I am thrilled to re-read. It’s very good for me and LORD willing it is going to be fruitful in all of our lives. The kids are wonderful and so ready to put Christ first. I am privileged to be with them doing this course. I wish you were all sitting around here with free time and I could show you what we are doing.

Luke, Leisl and a bunch of the other kids in that class all really loved THE TYRANNY OF THE URGENT. I bought a whole package of the booklets and passed them out in class as little gifts. They made a terrific balance to Covey’s Seven Habits and were a breath of fresh air to the kids who were frustrated at Covey’s lack of foundation and almost pagan idolatry of his own concepts, even though they appreciate the value of a bunch of his thoughts and have been blessed by the book. We are almost done with SEVEN HABITS now and I can’t wait to move on and get to the biographies we will be reading.

I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM GOING TO see the POORTENGAS in their own environment and meet little Hazelnut! It’s a wonderful thing to look forward to. (November 30 through December 7. )

Daddy and I are “NEW HOPING” today big time. If you see this please pray for us. WISDOM. We need it.

Daddy just took Luke to his violin lesson. I am supposed to be getting some parts of our job done while he is gone. I better get back at it or I”ll have nothing to show for the time he’s gone!

God be with each of you in your very particular times and circumstances!

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