Sadie and I just watched the video of “Uncle Wabin” driving to his new house. Wow! I agree with Katie, it’s like another country. I was one of those college goers who changed her major several times and one of my favorite dreamy ideas was interior restoration of old homes. The pictures of the Radman roost bring back heart swelling flashes of that old dream. Enjoy the transformation. How fun… a lot of work, but fun!

WE enjoyed a sweet meeting with our small group last night. They were all very sad to be losing us and sat us in the middle of a circle and prayed for us. This morning I got a call from Finland where Noah Ojala and his family are until the 18th of this month. We are so excited to be moving forward, it seems like we’ve been praying for this for so long now (Really it’s only been about 6 months). However, it is so sad to leave the small group and especially the Ojala family.

Sadie and I think Nessa is a really, REALLY good story teller, and that’s the truth!

Luke and Liesl, once we get settled into a house (God willing) in Savannah, we look forward to being able to invite you guys down. And every one else too, of course!

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