Hi! I love that even as all of us are busier than ever, so is the blog! It hasn’t been that many days since I posted, but I feel miles behind.

Radmans, THANKS for posting!! I love your place! It looks like it is a huge job, and it sounds like you’ve already put in lots of work and sweat! But it looks like it will be three lovely little homes! The hardwood floors, bay window, and door ways are so cool. Your fridge does look like a great one. I also liked your pictures of details of your home that helps us get the flavor of it! With Jasmine perched on your foot, your table and chairs, the Hawaiian turtle magnet (I’m assuming 🙂 ), Winchester ammo, and all! And your stories of spreading your trash all around the neighborhood, and the garbage men saying there was livestock living in your place! I feel like you moved to a foreign country with your inner city neighborhood. We’ll continue to pray for you guys as you get settled in there, work on the house, try to find a church, etc.

Dad, the video and pictures of the Philly neighborhood reminded me too of that home video you made in our last Taiwan house. 🙂

I’ve loved seeing Nessa’s artwork on here too! She is amazing. I think my favorite so far is the one of two men and a women at a table. I think it is positively Parisian and hilarious!

Jesse, I also particularly enjoyed your writing about God as father and lady wisdom. It was like getting a whole other sermon on Sunday when I read it. 🙂 It has inspired me to use some of my devotion time this week looking more at Proverbs. I noticed that in the intro to Proverbs my Bible says that the New Testament says Christ is God’s wisdom incarnate (referencing I Cor. 1:24, 30, and Col. 2:2,3) which I thought was another very interesting angle to add to all that you had said.

Your ventures into Hindu and Buddhist temples sound so interesting. It reminds me a project taht Joel did at that little hippy school in Binghamton where they had people from all different religions come in and talk, and Joel had Fred come in as the atheist. 🙂 The narcissism/twitter illustration was funny and also sad.

Ha ha! I’m glad that Isaac’s posture in this family photo looks like a “Glory Hallelujah” to others. I always thought of it as a Tevya like gesture of looking to heaven for an explanation for this insane family. Like when Tevya’s cow goes lame right before the sabbath, and he says, “You bless me with poverty, and five daughters. But what have you got against my cow?!” 😀 I really like this photo, and think Isaac is a genius to have posed that way, whatever interpretation of it you take!

Isaac, that is fantastic about your calculus exam too! Good for you!!

Kevin and Jessica, glad to hear your positive news and excited to hear more!!

Dad, good to hear snippets of your life– Chronicles of Narnia, Dobson, Dobby, new cafeteria… 🙂 Seems like midterms came up fast! We’re praying for you guys!

Elizabeth, both Christmas and possible trip out here by Mom when Hazlenut is born are both undecided possibilities– the idea of which I love, but maybe not likely for either one to be able to work out.

As soon as I sign off here, I’m taking Talia to a free trial gymnastics class at a place called Tumble Tots that is really close by and run by a Christian couple. She is super excited at the possibility of “Jungle Gym Classes” as she calls them. 🙂 Micah and I will watch. Isaac and Luke, I remember taking you guys and watching your little classes. 🙂

Love you all!

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