Bump’s “Glory, Hallulejah!” on this particular family pic (above) is so funny! All the more so as he is so different from everyone else.

Thanks, Kevin and Becky! Very helpful!!! Reminds me of a video I did from a motorcycle when we finally moved into the last house we lived in in Kaohsiung (Ham-ma-seng–remember that, you older kids???). I showed the trip to school and the inside of the house, showing all the stuff we did to make it “us.” Brings a smile (and maybe a wince) now. We drew a door on a foot-thick cement wall and handed Jesse a sledge hammer and said, “Jesse, we need a door here.” Can’t remember how much kersmashing it took, but Jesse delivered de door! 🙂 An investment banker friend visited, Tom Hoy the Canadian Irishman. He was pretty physical, and we gave him a sledge hammer and said, “We don’t want this Japanese bathroom with a toilet in the floor.” Like Jesse, he worked hard for cheap! Our landlord saw it when everything was a total shambles, before we put it all back together. He said, “Please don’t improve the place anymore!” 🙁 Oriental perlightness!

We all began The Magician’s Nephew last night while I did dishes. A bit over E & E’s head, perhaps, but it was friendly and fun. That’s coming up in Omnibus. Good talk with Bump.

WV Hakes still “way behind” and struggling in some ways. Pray for us. God is very good.

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