Watch out, Jesse and Elizabeth: I bet some starving Hollywood scriptwriter browses blogs like ours, and just grabbed Nessa’s story for next year’s Disney summer blockbuster!

Jesse, I enjoyed your post, and I’ll probably have a some real thoughts later, but at the moment, I’m just trying to imagine a redemptive historical reading of the proverb about a quarrelsome wife and a dripping roof on a rainy day: I was going to describe the image it creates in my mind, but I think it might border on blasphemy. At the very least, it doesn’t do any justice to your well-reasoned and sincere thoughts, so I have several reasons to stop there!
Anyways, I have to get to work.
Kevin and Becky, it was great to get a glimpse of your world. Blessings to you as you seek to live out God’s kingdom on that block!
Katie’s abdomen is beginning to look fairly ripe! It’s fun: Hazelnut is quite an active little nut!
Good night.

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