That video was a great way to introduce your neighborhood. It looks like the real deal. Philly is the only place that I have been served Domino’s Pizza from behind a bullet prove glass partition with a small mechanized steel door.

It looks like your doing every room in your little house at the same time. Where are you sleeping and eating? Those pictures must have been a lot of work on the blog. If you put pictures up on a facebook page, we can put a permanent link in the blog’s sidebar. I could use Elizabeth’s facebook to view them. (Or I could just get a facebook account.) Or you could put them up on a photo sharing place like flickr or picasa where other people don’t need an account to see them. Both of them have easy/fast upload options. We just created a picasa album for Nessa’s drawings and put the link on the sidebar (some of the links of which are probably defunct).

Thanks for the stories too. The bike rides around Oahu sounded delightful. I’ll have to look up that uncle-in-law if I’m ever in Hawaii.

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