Okay, here’s more pics of our house….I think I will take a break and save honeymoon and wedding pics for tomorrow or another day soon…since the Blog/internet takes so long to upload I may just load everything on facebook and give a link!
We’re re-doing a lot on the 2nd & 3rd floors…we’ve taken out appliances, carried up sheet rock (I tried to help); and Kevin’s done a ton tearing up rugs, tiles; and working on very bad ceilings and electrical wiring….)
The second floor (living room with “bay window”; teeny bathroom – Kevin can’t even sit down properly on the toilet, his legs can’t fit in the space! We’re thinking about installing upright shower stalls to give more space; bedroom, with weird open-closet thing)

Third floor (explanations: Kevin tore down the nasty drop ceiling and put up insulation and sheet rock, etc… in his work on the floor and ceiling he found several dead mice, and an empty box of .45 cal ammo…why someone put it in the ceiling, I’m not sure! :P)

Last, here is a video (a bit long & boring 🙂 of us driving back home after a shopping trip to Home Depot. But it shows you a little bit of the neighborhood(s) we live in. I didn’t do a very good job “video/camera taping” because I didn’t want to point the camera so obviously at people, cars, etc. as we passed by 😛

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