Hello, family! 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing Sunday, or at least a relatively refreshing break from your busy weeks.
We are doing well here in Northwest Philly. As I write this our little kitten, Jasmine (or Jazz(y) or Yaz) is attacking bubble wrap, and Kevin is in our bedroom, napping.
Kevin & I have not been keeping up on here, but we did a little reading last night, and it’s been fun to see Nessa’s pictures, read poems, watch fun exchanges, and hear stories from your busy lives.
We’ve been asked and wanted to post pics or write, so I thought I’d take the opportunity now to write a bit and post pictures from the our wedding, honeymoon, and now the “Radman residence” here in Philadelphia :). I’m afraid it will clog the blog, and I’ll try not to, but you can just skip my lengthy picture posts and scroll through them when you have a chance.
Kevin & I have been married 3 weeks now, since yesterday! Almost everyone we’ve met has been surprised at our “newlywed-ness” when we told them how recently our wedding was (are we still supposed to be in hibernation on a honeymoon somewhere? :). It seems like a lot has happened since that September day. After 2 1/2 quiet days in Lancaster, we stopped briefly back in WV before shooting off to enjoy 5 days on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Kevin’s uncle Glenn lives there and owns a shop called “Cruzin’ Hawaii” that rents out mainly Harley Davidson motorcycles. He welcomed us warmly from the first day we arrived there, and we got to go on many trips around the island on whichever bike was available and that Kevin wanted to try :). It was a lot of fun and we – I – was very spoiled! On our longest bike trip we drove 4 + hours and stopped only a few times (we went to the beach I was told the Beach Boys wrote a song about, and ended watching the sunset and dining on freshly caught seafood. I like to think that I became quite a good passenger on the motorcycle…at least during a few times when we got lost I could scan the map or take pictures while Kevin drove. I guess that’s not so much skill as silly risk :). We did visit the beach twice, and night markets which contained dozens of individually-owned booths that all seemed to sell the same jewelry, and trinkets – we would browse and then run away from the owners who immediately swooped down on you trying to sell their wares.
*Becky runs out of breath and turns computer over to Kevin*
Hi, this is Kevin Radman (I think). I just woke up from a nap. Becky wants me to write and tell you all about Hawaii and the move and our neighborhood and living without gas for cooking/hot water and the people we met acquiring appliances from Criagslist and our work on the house. Umm, I’ll leave the story telling for phone calls and holidays. Right now I’ll just pass on some brief humor:
I tore out a drop ceiling on the third floor and the plaster/lath ceiling above it, along with all the blow-in insulation. I have almost twenty garbage bags stacked outside in addition to large piles of other de-construction debris. Our next door neighbor, Blue, alerted us to Friday being trash day and cued me in on the best way to get rid of such a great quantity (“spread it around the block!”) . Friday morning saw me distributing a few grey lumpy contributions to the neighborhood and eagerly waiting for the trash men. ~~ They were whipping down the street, hurtling bags and tossing empty trashcans haphazardly into lawns and between parked cars. In their rush, the truck sometimes began moving before the bag handlers were ready and they yelled to each other to stay synchronized. When they came to our lot the back of the truck was full to bursting (pausing to run the hydraulic compactor takes time, so they had put it off as long as possible). Our overstressed, cheap-o Walmart trash bags barely made it on before the mysterious crunching began and the steel apparatus swung down to squash the truck’s load. One of our bags was caught in the middle and cut in two, spilling white, fluffy insulation in the street. As one of the workmen stooped to scoop up the wool-like fluff I caught his words through my window: “Must be livestock livin’ in there!” 🙂
That all for now. I’ll ask Rebecca to post pictures of the house so far (when she wakes up from HER nap!). Perhaps next Sunday I’ll ask you all for advice on raising demon-cats. (Yaz is the most un-cuddly kitten I’ve ever seen; she acts like a teething puppy and her idea of being cute is to bite and scratch your hand while you try to pet her.)
Thank you all for your prayers. We went to a multi-ethnic CRC church plant this morning. It was different than I am used to, but very real and welcoming. It had a flavor we aren’t quite used to but hey, we’re in the big city now. It might do us some good to learn to whip out a hallelujah from time to time. 🙂 We’ll talk about it and let you know where we end up. Bye now!
Our house – (we’re the entrance on right; 4933 N. Camac :); looking into the little “foyer” from our door)

First floor, which is our home (living room, then dining room; small kitchen (probably later to be a pantry or something; our Craigslist finds: nice fridge for $100, table w/ chairs…our bedroom (air-mattress on floor for now :)…Jasmine “resting” on my foot! she does this often…Kevin w/ a Craigslist buy – tools…family pic 🙂

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