Elizabeth, the kids and I are going to the zoo today with some friends. I’m sure your poem will come to mind. I told Joel last night after reading his post that you might send him a bomb in the mail if his “poking the hive” caused Jesse to spend a long time writing a response. 🙂 I need to pack a lunch and get ready to go, but I wanted to write a knee-jerk response to Joel’s question quick first. I’m sure Jesse’s response would be much better and more thought out.

If I were to read Charlotte’s web with the determined assumption that it was a manual on acrobatics, I would probably come to the conclusion that I should tie string to myself and jump from a great height in order to try to spin a web, thus leadly to an untimely death which the author did not intend at all. However, if I read the book with the assumption that it was meant to be fun and creative children’s literature, I would likely draw from it much more what the author intended. Reading a book with the correct, appropriate, and intended lens is definately different from reading it with the incorrect lens. And the Bible gives us enough information on itself that we can make a good and informed choice on which ways to view it.

That is obviously a hasty and partial thought– and mostly only responds to the first section of Joel’s thought. But I need to go!

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