You were in the woods all that time! That explains the gaunt look and twigs in your hair! Good to have you back 🙂

I’m starting to feel like I’m almost at maintenance level rather than frantic catch-up level with my work. Katie and I are definitely learning some good work, schedule, and planning habits, which will hopefully last into times that are less crazy, and help us to make time to serve and invest in fruitful relationships.
Jesse, I enjoy your thoughtfulness and reflections in the midst of your business. I also like to poke your hive sometimes, just to see what swarms out. I hope you don’t mind: after all, Elizabeth seems to have that tendency, and you married her! Anyways, here goes…
Can reading the Bible through a man-made lens distort the sacred goal of a sacred text? Can we say that interpreting the Bible through a redemptive historical lens is more accurate or reliable than reading it through a social justice, environmental, or feminist lens? Don’t think I’m equating all of those viewpoints as equal in any sense, except that they are all paradigms that can predispose us towards an interpretation that might not truly be supportable?
They say that Freud was once ribbed by a student about what his fascination with smoking might indicate about his psyche. He reportedly replied, “Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.” I suppose I’m suggesting that sometimes practical wisdom is simply practical wisdom, even when divinely inspired. Can a proverb be just a proverb?
Isaac, we loved hearing from you. A blessing on your head!
Kevin and Jessica, we think of you guys and the project often. We’re very curious for any updates. I don’t know if you settled on a domain name for your website, but a while back I thought of, or something to that effect. A blessing on your heads as well.
In fact,
A blessing on all your houses!

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