Guess who just wandered in out of the woods–your aged Pa!

Hello again, everybody! Sorry for the long vacation in lala land! I spent till quite late last night reading all the posts I missed. So wonderful! The Dickens poem brought back very fond memories–thank you again, Faye!

I have my own thoughts about Luke’s “caffeinated post,” but I’ll share them with him, hopefully tonight.

It is wonderful that we all love and pray for each other! What a gift! Thank you, God!

I, too, was deeply encouraged by Isaac’s post. We had a great long talk yesterday. Where on earth did you come up with a recipe for butter beer, Bump??? Was it any good? (Maybe that can be what you do for all of us for Christmas!)

Mr. and Mrs. Radman, please make your appearance on here as well! We want some pics and posts!

Talia’s purple cow recitation was priceless! Thank you, Talia! E & E are also in a poetry class and learning some doozies. Maybe they can perform one for you. In a few minutes someone in Western Lit is going to do a Frankenstein recitation. Shall I post that, maybe???

Good morning, Faye! Sorry I missed you this morning! Hope you were sleeping in there. I love you!

Sitting outside Walmart last night with a box a kittens. Four or five girls were oohing and ahhing over as many kittens, and all of a sudden they each took one! I threw my box, sign and chair in the car, picked up my copy of Plutarch, and headed home!

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