I hardly have time to compose poetry right now as we are still trying to calm ourselves, but I am sorting through the hutch above my desk to make room for new projects. This poem I wrote for Daddy a few years back turned up. Thought you might enjoy it.


Asian crowds and sweltering heat,
Bustling markets with rotting meat,
SO many people we had to greet,
But at night there was Dickens , oh, so sweet.

Thousands of tracts evangelism cold,
People full of questions that quickly grew old,
Gospel in Taiwan just couldn’t be sold,
But at night there was Dickens – joy untold.

Jobs to do, students to teach,
Knotty problems where you preach,
Hopeless conundrums beyond our reach,
But at night there was Dickens and laughter for each.

Asthma, diarrhea, dangerous play,
A young mother’s worries were there to stay,
Housework and cock roaches weighed on Faye
But at night there was Dickens – troubles floated away.

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