I enjoyed reading all your posts! All my nieces and nephews are rapidly attaining a level of quirkiness almost to rival that of their uncle…

Thank you! my dear family, for all your responses to my… uh… “highly caffeinated outburst?”

First off, I must confess that my previous post, though it does contain some truths, was meant to be somewhat humorous. I will try to give you a better presentation of my thoughts by responding individuality to your comments.

Jesse, I agree that frantic work (even for the kingdom) is wrong. Jesus was never frantic even though He had the hardest job of all. That is where the “monk” part comes in. I do believe that setting aside plenty of time for prayer and bible meditation is vital to maintaining a close relationship with our Father and Savior who is the giver of all true peace. “Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” I think not applying this verse is my true problem.

Kevin, how true it is that we need to rest assured in the work that Christ has already accomplished on the cross before we can stand against the enemy or even have an effective walk with God! However, in order to be assured of God’s love, control, and salvation, we must spend much time with Him in the “inner chamber” (as Andrew Murray calls it), meditating on His promises, asking for reassurance, and most of all praising and thanking Him for his unfathomable love and grace.

Elizabeth, Haha! I must admit, I have wondered whether spending so much time and money on education is really right. I think that overall school (in a reasonable amount) is worth doing if it REALLY accomplishes either of the following: (1) It teaches us something about our Maker. And (2) if it prepares us for our future calling. (I.E. being godly parents, husbands, wives, missionaries, pastors, doctors, teachers, etc.) That might seem like it includes all school, but there are definitely classes (Iv’e been in some) that don’t meet either criteria. Of course the ultimate source of wisdom and the best way to learn about God is by searching the scriptures so one could argue for spending less time on school and more time in the word. BTW… as wonderful as flees sound now, I think I will save getting them until I’m on the mission field. 🙂

Katie, Thanks! That is very encouraging. I do have a question though for anyone. I have been thinking a lot about sharing the Faith. Do you think there is an age or level of maturity/experience that must be attained before one can whiteness to others? I know Jesus was “about His Father’s work” at the age of twelve but didn’t start His public ministry until He was thirty. Timothy was pretty young, but he was trained by Paul for a while. Any ideas?

Odd post… 🙂


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