Lu, its so great to have you on the blog, and to see the spurt of activity that it generated! I’ll throw out the thoughts that I have in response to your post as well.

Luke, you are right now in a powerful training ground for missionaries. While your day to day life may feel busy and trivial– you have learned and are learning amazing lessons on following Christ with all your heart and life, the Bible, caring for and loving people around you, hard work, and perseverence, as well as dozens of other useful things like violin and anatomy. Of course, it is very important that during this time you are spending time reading the Bible, and I hope very much that your whole year isn’t lived in desperate CAPITALS like the last month has been. But the usefulness and fruit of your current life is very evident in your sincere desire to grow in love for God and to live your life for His glory, the strength of character that you show, your deep love for your family, and the ways in which you are already being a light in a dark world. I look forward with much excitement to seeing how God uses your life in the future, but I also sincerely believe that right now your life is full of value and purpose. This current year of your life is helping you to grow, and is blessing your family and friends. And I think this current year of your life will also enrich your orphanage in Brazil or coffee shop in D.C., or whatever you end up doing.* There is lots more that could be said, what I did say could be said much better, and I had been thinking I would say something about how Jesus didn’t start his obvious ministry until He was thirty, but I will stop here for now.

*(If nothing else, the orphans will be intrigued by why your head is so enormous– and you can encourage them that if they study hard enough in their schooling, their heads too can reach such an unusual size as yours and your sister Liesl’s. 😉 )

Glad to hear that Kevin’s work is hopefully picking up again. And I agree with Jessica, that we’re excited to see some pictures of the Radman’s new place! Isaac, when you get a chance, we’re also eager to hear more about college life

Nessa’s drawing of the whole world sounds Lewis-esque to me. 🙂 I was also interested, Jesse, in your thoughts on reading Proverbs redemptive-historically.

Now that is well past noon for all the rest of you, I’m off to have some breakfast.

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