A quick series of pictures of our morning:

Elizabeth, I thought your bit about royalty speaking to you was hilarious. And it reminded me of a royal moment we had this morning: as I was instructing Talia what to do next for her chores, she walked into the kitchen with a dish towel wrapped around her waist (which I had just asked her to go get), and said, “Yes, my queen.”

Since chore time, Talia and Micah have been making my mommy heart very happy by playing with dolls together in the most adorable fashion. For a while they each had a doll wrapped in a blanket, and Talia was singing to hers, “You make us all smile so much, you make everyone so happy…” as she rocked hers. Micah was singing a simpler, “I love you, baby…” At one point, Micah was teaching his “Jenna” doll how to participate in one of his favorite activities: leaping off furniture. Currently they are very busy making a strawberry shortcake for Jenna’s birthday. So I guess the jumping lessons went okay.

Several times in the last couple days, Micah has hurled himself off something and thudded in positions where I was sure he was going to be injured. Instead of screaming as I expected, he has looked up with a little forced grin and said, “That was imagination”. The workings of his mind are mysterious, and I have no idea what he meant.

I could keep typing all day, as the kids can produce funny stories way faster than I can type them, but I’ll just add one more. Talia just walked past and I overheard her in a singsong voice saying, “You rhyme with my pyme, but you just don’t poem.”

You can gather what my days are like. 🙂

We are praying for all of you in your busy-ness! Fixing up apartments, moving, teaching, studying, working, job-hunting!

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