We made it through our first week with every schedule activated. And we made it through intact. This weekend we’re at MHS for the first of two weekends in a row.

Nessa, Tobin and Elizabeth got to go on a field trip to a private wild animal park yesterday with our homeschool co-op. Elizabeth was impressed with the way the park was set up and run. Nessa clearly had fun too. Elizabeth said Tobin was a little nervous about the animals and ate most of the crackers that he was supposed to feed to the wildlife (much to the consternation of some fellow homeschool moms). This morning Tobin still seemed to have some memory of the wild animals because he was pretty scared of some goats when the kids and I walked over to a barn across the street to say hi.

This morning, Nessa was watching some Saturday morning cartoon on the public television channel. It was about four kids with “reading” super powers who answer all life’s questions by tapping into a big magic library filled with books and “super-duper computers.” At one point, as all the kids transform into their alter-ego super-identities, the child in the audience is told that they have the special super power to “help.” When I asked Nessa if she felt the supper power flowing into her, she said, “No, I only have the power to watch.”

The Chinese poem is from my “Chinese Through Poetry” elective which is still fun after two weeks. 🙂 Well, there are always lots more stories, but it had better be goodbye for now.

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