Thank you for praying! I did not take ibuprofen all day yesterday -first day in at least three weeks that I didn’t take it every three to four hours around the clock! I am so thankful to feel better! The swelling in my glands seems to be going down – whatever it was…

I spent from3:00 to 9:30 pm yesterday in Dad’s office at PHC working on the syllabus for my anatomy class. I roughed out the whole thing and completed it in detail up to Christmas break. Still haven’t read the first module though! :() I also went to a birthday luncheon for Dr. Walker’s (PHC president) wife from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Very sweet, godly and very unique people. They are so themselves. Gracious and sophisticated as they are they are definetely not cut out of any cookie molds. I don’t know any one else like them. Sanctified and made beautiful by unusaul struggles. (She was a young widow.) We said grace in Latin, sang the Latin song from Henry V- very beautiful. Graham served us 17 ladies a beautiful lunch and asked each lady to bring a song, poem, Bible passage, or reading of some kind to share with Lindy, (the ldaies read everything from the Velveteen Rabbit, Charles Dicken’s prayer, Shakespeare, and lots of scriture. I read something from Seven Habits (because I was reading it for the course I am teaching) to go with Psalm 84) Graham himself gave her a very nice tribute. It was very sweet. PHC is blessed to have a such a godly man as president.

Things are getting really exciting around here. Beds are moved to all the rooms where they will be needed and the main meal and several appetizers are made and frozen. Tomorrow the tent comes, Dadady will pick up the flowers I ordered in Silver Springs, and we will also do an initial decorating of the chapel. Quite a few people (New Hope ladies and the good old Gaiges) are now going to help us which I am so thankful for. God is so good to us.

Pray for Daddy. What a week he has. He is very behind at PHC in both chair respnsibliteis and in his courses. He could easily work 14 hour days all week and still not be caught up, but he can’t. On top of PHC, he started the highschool Omnibus course this morning at 8 AM from 8 to 9:30 with 20 students. He, Luke, and Liesl left at about 6:45 this morning to pick up a couple other students on the way for that. He has to prepare for that class and for the other one on Thursday morning. He has the wedding seromn to prepare, the New Hope c hurch sermon to prepare for Sunday, session meeting (which I think he is going to skip, but with painful consequences, or at least the feeling of it) , and lots of commitments here at home for wedding preparations and has to take off early Wednesday to drive for the flowers and early Friday for he rehearsal. Pray for stamina and grace and miraculous fruitfullness when he is working!

Luke and Liesl are juggling getting launched in their courses with being wedding and household servants.

I know you all are in similar situations with double jobs, houses, churches, famlies with little ones, sickness, and each of your crazy fly by night (Literally in Poortengas case) trips here for the wedding. Thank you all for all you are doing for Becky and Kevin!

May God be present with us all during the weekend and make it rich and wonderful for Becky and Kevin and may he be glorified in the occasion!

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