DAUUHHH! I am made of rubber. OK I was good and took myself to the doctors and got an antibiotic. I am not very sure yet if it is doing the trick. I think maybe it is helping.

Moments ago someone delivered a huge fridge and a huge freezer and we quuickly cleared a spot amongst the three other fridges out in the garage. I apnicked about not having enough space for all the food in the freezers and fridges and we rented more!

Last night Dad stayed up with me until 12 or 1 AM helping me finish up the chicken Marbella. Oh SO MUCH chicken Marbella. MOuntians. TOday I am cooking it two huge pans at a time. Liesl put together all 240 of the pecan stuffed bacon wrapped dates this morning and I have 70 of the spinach balls made and the rest ready to roll. Insanely Luke and I bought all the shrubs to repalce the dead ones in our front yeard yesterday and in the midst of wedding insanity KEvin R., Luke, and Dad have been digging huge holes hacking through stubborn rocks and roots that did not want to give up their 30 year claim and make room for new comers. ANyway they are nearly done. Dad’s out for landscaping ties, dirt, and mulch.

THe kitcehn is insanely disordered. The phone has been rigning off the hook. I seriously considered hiring someone to come sit and answer it for us. Many many irons on the fire… Soon all the big challenges should be behind us and the to do lists will get more fun- like decorating and making flower bouquets and that sort of thing.

ALl of you will be very tired from travels this weekend and our pace will be crazy but we are neverthe less looking forward to seeing all of you. Bring your Dancin’ shoes! GUitars and fiddles…. Wish we could be helpful to each of you right now in the midst of all you are doing.

THinking of you, Bump, if you are finding time to read PRessing ON, hello. Isaac, When the trucks all arrived with shrubs and big tree llike plants and fridges and freezers and various other deliveries I found myself looking for you to help me. πŸ™‚ Poor Luke. πŸ™‚

Ok I better get back at it. SOMewhere up in my crazy full kitchen amidst all the pans of chicken marbella and spinach balls there is a dinner waiting to be made too…. Liesl and LUke ” are BRICKS” with a CAPITAL B!

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