One week of school done! It went well, and I’m really glad I’ve got a couple weeks of teaching at ACA before TPS starts up. We didn’t find out for sure what we were teaching until the Tuesday before classes started, so students also didn’t know for sure what classes they were taking until the Friday before classes started, so we have several fiascos with teaching materials and student textbooks that haven’t arrived yet. I’m happy with my classes, though, and for the first time in my life, I’m planning whole weeks in advance, and it’s working out pretty well!

It’s pretty blasting hot here. 107 degrees yesterday. Thank goodness for pools and AC!

I’m also chipping away at the bookshelf project that I’m doing in exchange for our van. Hoping to get it done ASAP.

Talia loves having a schedule, and she and Katie are having a good time beginning some school stuff. Talia’s favorite part is running over to the schedule taped to the wall to see what happens next, and putting stickers on her chore chart. Micah has his own scrap paper on the wall, and he gets to put stickers on it too when he’s done his chores. It’s a fun start.

Jesse, I hope you get the roof finished before you’re drowned in either rain or schoolwork! Bump, we’re praying for you–have a great time. Dad, if you’ve run out of sailing companion volunteers, Katie and I are still eager for a trip on the Vingilot. Mom, I hope your last words to Isaac weren’t something like, “Don’t marry a girl from far away” becasue my mom tried that and…

Ok, to work. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrge!

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